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Zari is an experienced and discreet spirit medium in the Greater Nashville Area. As an intuitive Zari uses a variety of divination methods and practices; to channel messages and information from Source/Spirit; to assist others in reaching their full creative and spiritual life potential.

Zari began developing her gifts as an empath and medium in the early 1990's, through the First Spiritualist Church of Lansing Michigan.
" I studied the Tarot, psychometry, numerology, astrology, the Kabala, everything they offered courses in . . . I wanted to learn as much as I could. I was a sponge, soaking in everything they had to teach me. The spiritualist church, its ministers, and congregation became my first spiritual home and family, offering me a gateway for understanding the gifts I had. They helped me learn not to be afraid of the knowing and taught me about developing my psychic gifts and to protect myself energetically." 
She began practicing psychometry as a psychic during the spiritualist church's services and later offered intuitive card readings at psychic fairs and metaphysical bookstores.

Zari is one of seven co-founding members for the Light House Chapel in Lansing MI.

Zari moved with her husband to Nashville TN, in 2002, where she continues to develop and share her gifts as an intuitive empath through readings, shamanic breath practices and energy work.