Thursday, January 25, 2018

Differences and the 180° of India

Living in India is hard. I had no idea how hard it was going to be when my husband and I arrived in Hyderabad. Talk about culture shock.  I feel as though I am in an alternate reality, one where everything has been turned upside down. It would be less shocking to my sensibilities if the moon were to rule the day and the sun the night. I don't know where to begin writing about the core differences which change how one lives here, but I can tell you that as a woman my experience is even more impacted. I know now why the caged bird sings.

I am not having the tourist's experience. I am settling here.  Learning to navigate the culture is consuming all of my attention, demanding a level of awareness that I am forced to maintain or pay the consequences, which might be very harsh. 

180° of India

In western culture the female is objectified, sexualized, and targeted by media advertising. Here it is the male who is the focus of these pressures and the female is elevated and to remain untouchable, worshiped. She must be beautiful but if a woman is perceived as being too opinionated, independent, friendly, approachable or sexual it is scandalous. She might find herself targeted for violence and possibly rape.  Being worshiped here means a woman is isolated for her protection. Her house has barred windows and doors. Her clothes are meant to display the wealth and status of her family but should hide her body from prying eyes -- eyes which are everywhere and come with wagging tongues. Being worshiped demands perfection, stillness -- do not laugh too loudly or move freely in your body.

Men are blatantly sexualized in the media and their masculinity is even more heavily evaluated than I have ever witnessed before. I think this contributes to the huge rape problem that India is having. As pressures increase for men to be perceived and prove their masculinity and power over women and in life. There is vicious judgment and pressure on performance for men (and women) to receive even the smallest level of respect or benefits. The man must perform or he is condemned a failure. A husband must perform or his wife and children are shamed and ill treated also.

Further Differences . . .

India has bought into the all the worst most superficial aspects of western capitalist culture with a desperation to acquire and display. The India portrayed by their television is a lush, sanitized, clean fantasy India of wealth and luxury, with no waste or poverty. The reality is in stark contrast with harsh living conditions, abject poverty, and beggars crawling through trash filled streets.

I attended a trade exhibition where the central lawn area designated for family relaxation, sitting, and eating looked like a trash pit. People sat on trash to eat their food purchases, rising to leave a layer of more trash and move on through the exhibitions vending stalls. In India it is taboo to handle garbage. Only the lowest cast person is concerned with clearing away rubbish and they are reviled for it, Untouchables. Everyone else simply drops their litter where they stand and moves on, creating a cesspit of garbage. I was told simply to "look up."  "Don't look at it." (I carried my trash home with me. I could not bring myself to toss it on the ground.) My mind was reeling at the enormity of a mind set where the person who cares for the environment is considered the lowest of all, while those who are respected treat the earth with disregard, and disdain to clean up after themselves. 

These are just a few of the differences I have encountered. Others include people climbing and sitting on tables where food is being served; walking over food; grabbing food from the plates of others; dumping left over food scrapings off one's plate back in to the serving dish meant for others to share. No food is to be wasted. Beggars come to the door and happily take rancid or moldy food if given it.  Sanitation isn't even a consideration. Heaven help you if you need a toilet.

Perfect Diversity . . .

My spirit is being tested. My comfort zone is being challenged. My assumptions about life and how best to live are being examined against different world conditions, views, and culture.  I am being forced to see things with the eyes of a stranger and to find sense in the world turned 180°s round from what I've known. I am being forced to let go of values which have no force or potency in the circumstances which I find myself.

The culture or ways of being may be different but the humanity and human needs are consistent. I am beginning to see more than differences and expanding in my awareness of others. Thank you India.   

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Updated Services Posted Through Facebook

Hello Friends! Now that I am working from India I've decided to update the services I will be offering. I am still offering the services listed through this site while on return visits to the USA, so these will remain listed as they are. I will post any scheduled State side visits well in advance of my arrival, so clients can schedule sessions and make plans to see me when I am there.

To view the services I am offering from India visit the new page I have created on Facebook, Finding Our Way Intuitive Readings. Visit the shop page for details and send me a message via Messenger to schedule an appointment. I will be working by appointment only due to the time change difference between India and the USA.
Take note of the special offer, which is good until Dec 31 at midnight, but redeemable beyond the term date for scheduling and payment. 

Love and Light

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Update on India: I have arrived

It has been wildly shocking how different things are here in India compared to living in the USA. Hyderabad is huge, a 400+ year old, densely packed city, where I am now living with my in-laws in a residential colony called Lakshmi Nagar.
Each morning for the last week, I have awaken at dawn to the Azhan/Adhan prayer being sung out ringingly over the city from the neighborhood mosque. Immediately, I can hear people begin their morning ablutions, the hawking snorts and grunts from netti pot users, people flushing their toilets, roosters crowing, the distant call of an ox two houses down who wishes to be milked. A man brushes his teeth.
I have had my first drama moment, with my blood sugar over 400. My Indian family, en mass, took me to see their favorite physician. 
The doctor's  visit was the strangest I've ever had. First of all his clinic was set up almost like a little street shop. We literally just walked up, kicked off our shoes at the door (something you do at every place you visit), stepped through the entry way to sit on a bench and wait our turn; while he held consultations in a cube like office, with sliding milky glass door which YOU closed for privacy IF you wanted it. He did have a separate room for treatment and evaluation.  We waited about 5 minutes before being received, just the length of time it took him to release the patient ahead of us. Can you imagine that? Zero reception hassle. When one patient left the doctor simply beckoned the next person warming his bench to come in with a head wobble and a waive of the hand.
There was no thought given at all toward privacy concerning medical info. Anyone on the bench could hear our conversation and, if the door was open, see our whole visit play out. I was treated like a baby; meaning my family and the doctor talked about me without including me in the conversation.   I didn't know if I should feel pissed at the loss of autonomy or laugh and enjoy having my wellbeing secured be so important to everyone.  It is a commonly held belief here that the patient should be protected from direct knowledge of their medical condition, as it may prove too shocking and be detrimental in their recovery. It doesn't help my plight that I only speak English and everyone but my husband speaks rudimentary or broken English. I chose to go with the flow and enjoy someone else taking the reigns for a moment.
The roads here are Crazy with a capital C! Drivers don't stick to their lanes, honking is a friendly greeting and a spontaneous attention seeking device they employ liberally. DONKEYS, GOATS, OXEN, children. . . you name it and I have probably seen it roaming the streets unattended. Car, auto, truck, and scooter drivers cross in front of or cut around each other randomly with honked warnings. Changing direction with a U-turn may happen at any time and anywhere. There are few traffic lights, if any, and no one pays them any mind.
Everything is filthy. You should wear socks in your sandals to protect your feet, otherwise you get snaggle toes. It is also common to cover with scarves or wraps, much like a Muslim, to protect the hair and clothes. The air is full of dust. It coats everything, houses, cars, people. . . You name it. It gets in your ears, up your nose, and in every crack and crevice. You would have to hermetically seal your house to keep the dust out.
The people stare at anyone white or black as if we are famous. Lol, Children follow me in the market and stand staring, literally doing a double take, running in off the street in numbers to look get a look at me. It is as though they have never seen a foreigner before.  I have begun to pretend I'm a movie star just to cope. I saw an African woman at the bank being treated the same way. We  exchanged smiles of understanding and acknowledgement.
On a side note, the car that my father-in-law (who I will now refer to affectionately as Babba) drives plays a tune when he backs up; Elvis's Love me Tender. It took three days for me to figure out why the song was stuck in my head. Lol
Well that is my update on India post. All is well.
Love and light.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Changing the Old Story

Several months ago, I was holding space for an older friend of mine who has been experiencing hardship. By holding space I mean that I was listening without offering feedback or council, giving only the comfort of loving presence.
As she told me about her week and caught me up on the happenings of her life, I became aware that nothing had changed for her since our last visit. In fact, nothing had changed for her in all of the many years I have known her. If I were to boil her story down to its essence, erasing the names of the players and the varied circumstances within the unfolding drama, it was the same story she has been repeating throughout the course of her life.

In the growing awareness of this realization, I found myself somehow less impacted or personally caught up in the drama of it, and better able to listen objectively from a place of true love. I found my thoughts about the situations, my judgement of the participants, evaporating in the realization that she was creating this; hidden in these stories were the beliefs shaping her reality and experience.

I said nothing. My friend isn't the kind of person who looks to others for guidance or teaching. In her mind SHE is the teacher. Offering her the observation that she is repeating the same complaints, retelling the same story of abuse, poverty, neglect and unloving behavior, would have fallen on deaf ears. She is not yet able to receive the observation that she is holding a consistent frequency and vibration offering of pain, poverty and victimization. She doesn't believe that she has the power to create or change her reality.

Experience within our relationship has shown me that she would most likely have absorbed my words as criticism and a lack of empathy for her current situation; because that perspective would confirm and validate the belief she has in her own victimhood and lack of power over her situation.

The inability to recognize our own patterns of behavior and a tendency to squeeze any feedback from life into our established beliefs about who we believe we are, is common in the egoic experience. Putting aside our beliefs --upon which we are taking actions, forming relationships, and creating our lives-- even temporarily to consider that one or more of those beliefs may be based on  false premise can begin a life altering awakening.

Through being an example, my friend has illuminated for me the lesson in today's card; which is helping me re-frame the thoughts and beliefs I have held about myself and my personal back story. This lesson isn't just about money and financial abundance.  It holds true in all areas of  experience. Telling myself new stories about life, power, purpose, wealth etc. has shifted my attitude, my vibrational offering, and the direction of my path. Consequently, my whole experience of life is shifting for the better. Big changes are afoot.

On a side note . . .

Next week I will be flying to India to stay with my husband's family. I am unsure of how long I will be there, but am willing to imagine it becoming my new home base of operations.  Wish us well!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Source as Divine Progenitor

The Flower of Life

When I use the word Source, I am referring to the creative source of all life and the multi-verse, in which every possibility exists. I don't use the word God, as the concept of a Creator God has, for me, become limited through cultural religious interpretation, biases, and misuse. By using the word Source  instead, I am hoping to reopen, for myself and others like me, ideas about a divine creative and expanding, intelligent power underlining and connected to all of creation, and an intelligent design to a living system in which we have an active participatory role.

It is my personal belief that we are existing in a fractal multi-verse that has one creative, divine, conscious Source. Through approaching and experiencing life in this way, I embrace all people and ways, religious or otherwise, as being in divine order, each with its own perfection and place within the consciousness of Source. If asked how I came to this belief I would have to answer, my shamanic experiences using Ayahuasca have proven to me and expanded the understanding of what I have studied and read over the course of my personal life journey. In part, the purpose of this blog is to share those influences and record that journey, so others may have the benefit of my experience as they seek their own connection and exploration of Source.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Importance of Building a Relationship with Source

2017 is here and world events seem to be moving so quickly. It is all too easy to identify and become caught up in the swirling maelstrom moving around and through our lives. Every direction we turn we are faced with changes and challenges. Life seems so uncertain. The planet is on fire with the consequences of human indifference and mismanagement. The United States political scene is in upheaval. People have little or no confidence in their elected leadership. There are wars and rumors of wars. Humanity has overgrown the space allotted to it within the circle of Life. And yet. . .

In times of uncertainty, strife, pain, and illness we are forced by circumstances to find new ways of coping or adapting. These are the moments we must go within and discover or rediscover ourselves, our needs, beliefs, and drives. These are the moments of transformation, when we are most likely to reach deep and connect with Source.

Ask yourself what this present moment is challenging you with. 

Are you struggling with negative core beliefs about money, need, insufficiency, worthiness? Are you being undervalued or marginalized? Have you undervalued yourself? Have you lost sight of your own worth, or integrity? Are you being challenged to redefine your idea of self, your role, or place in society? Are circumstances demanding you reevaluate your ideas of superiority, or inferiority?

Ultimately, all of the illusions which create conflict and pain in our lives --need, insufficiency, superiority, inferiority-- find their root in one illusion. 
No matter what triggers our circumstances, the fundamental root cause of our discontent is the illusion of separation from Source. (Refer to Communion With God, by Neale Donald Walsch)

Abraham Teachings, Ester Hicks
Know that you can never be separated from Source, but you can believe in a separation and therefore experience the effects of it. 

When you release your doubt and your fears of inadequacy, allowing yourself to accept the inseparable nature of your relationship to Source, you will feel, know, and begin to experience the bounty of that connection. 

That is why. . . 

My Most Important Relationship Is With My Source . . .

Getting into the Vortex Cards

There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come. If you tend to that relationship first and foremost, you will then and only then have the stable footing to proceed into other relationships. Your relationship with your own body; with money; with your parents, [partner], children, grandchildren, and your world. . . will all fall easily into alignment once you tend to this fundamental relationship first.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Turning Point?

Yes, Trump won. As terrible as it may seem, (and no, I did not vote for him) does this victory foreshadow the death of the nation, or will it trigger events and changes that many have called for?

Awakening Consciousness and Unification 

President Trump
This presidential election has broken open what had become an entrenched and corrupt political system. The dangers, that once seemed only to affect various minorities, have now become so dire that they threaten us all.  Issues previously shunted to the background of political and personal priorities lists --such as climate change, the dangers of global dependence on fossil fuels, human/indigenous rights violations, racism, sexism, gender/sex discrimination -are going to become even more evident to mass consciousness.

Gone are the days when we could look at social injustices done to others and be silent. This new leader, this new political climate, will push citizens and interest groups to unite their voices, money and power, to find tribal connections in shared beliefs and values. The time of separatist thinking is past. Us versus them didn't work and frankly never supported life. Life loves variety and there are many ways to behave differently, while still sharing a planet, nation, and community. We can remain individuals without being enemies. If there is one thing we can unite behind it is our desire for freedom- to BE. Unification around what we have in common instead of separation over what holds us apart, the things we disagree upon, may be the only saving option we have that will preserve our freedoms. 

We, the people, can rebuilt our government from a local level upward, through community activism. We have no other choice if we are to live free. We will be forced to unite, to build community, connections, to make allies, in order to preserve what is of value, in order to survive. We will only find safety in numbers and through collective actions.  This change of presidency may not be the disaster that we fear.  It may be the beginning of a cure.
Occupy Democracy

Resistance is Futile. Become the Change. Make Allies not Enemies. 

Each of these statements hold truth we can benefit from. 

In this attraction based universe the law of attraction makes resistance of the unwanted futile. What we resist only increases because we give power to it through our attention. It is only through turning toward the wanted and pursuing the desired that we create changes which eliminate the unwanted. Yes we need to be aware of what is happening around us, but once we have become aware and through our awareness discovered our preferences, the only productive option for life is to turn our attention and activity toward creating the preferred reality. "All things are connected" is more than just a unity consciousness slogan. In this ever changing multi-verse, we are continually linked through causal effect. Collectively, we have been asking for change. The results of this election are certainly going to break the old power structure and holds, which have kept our nation from making the changes we have all been calling for.

If you would prefer different leadership . . .

Stop supporting the systems and media which give power and attention to the people who abuse it. Turn off the TV, or change the channel, use alternate NEWS sources. Change what you buy and how you spend your money.  Use your power as a consumer to support companies and banks that share your values. Give your time money and support to organizations,  parties, and leadership that share your values. 

Spend time in getting to know your neighbors. Become the neighbor you wish you had in your community. Join social groups, make friends, spread your values through loving others, entering their consciousness through the heart --which recognizes truth faster than the mind, which is conditioned to believe. There is no better way to connect with another individual and to gain their trust, respect, or cooperation than through heart based/felt experiences and connections. 

Become politically active on a community level to shape the infrastructure of our society in a way that supports the citizen and the rights of the citizen over special interests and corporate entities. Giving focused attention to strengthening our country on the local and state level might take away from the power, therefore abuses, of higher offices to control and dictate policy. A weaker federal government may then be inspired into forming better world relations. 

Changes born on a ground level will either strengthen or weaken policies made at higher levels. SO, take part in making the changes you want to see on a community level. If you want safer streets and better relationships with police, find ways to bring the local people together and to engage with the local authorities that will create the relationships you desire. Scoffing and holding onto a belief that "it won't work," only prevents us from taking advantage of opportunities. We can not know what is in the heart of another person based on their skin color, sex. religion, economic status, or the job they hold. We can not know what kind word or honest act of compassion might influence another person away from fear or hate. The person you smile at today might face a situation tomorrow where they have to choose between prejudice/separation and inclusion/alignment. Every act of kindness and compassion you offer is a step in winning an ally. 

By forcing us to set aside our differences and unite under common values, this election could prove to be the turning point humanity needs in order to balance and heal. What happens in this country impacts the world. What we do now, how we come together in the face of what seems like a terrifying future, could just as easily heal the planet as destroy it.

Is Trump going to lead our nation to greatness? Not likely, but you could.

Be the Change You Seek.