Zari "Golden"
Zari was born February 22, 1970, at 12:06 AM in Saginaw, Michigan, USA, and from 1980-1989 was raised in Dryden, Ontario, Canada. She returned to the United States as a student and attended Lansing Community College, where she earned an Associates Performance Arts Degree; with additional performance arts study at Western Michigan University. 
 Zari met her husband, Irfan, while attending WMU. The two were married January, 19, 2001. The couple currently live in Nashville, TN.

Maiden Name: Yvonne Grace Donahue,  
Married Name: Zareena Yvonne Faroqui
Professional Use: Vonnie Faroqui through Ink Slinger's Whimsey Creative Writing Services 
Medium Professional Use Name:  Zari "Golden"
Spirit Given Name:  Ifa Sade "Ifa Crowns This One" 

A freelance writer by trade, Zari also works as an actor, singer, multi-media artist and spirit medium. As an intuitive, card reader, circle facilitator, and all around creative Zari uses her spiritual gifts for the enrichment and fostering of healing, self-expression, and empowerment.

Hear the Call and Let Your Journey Begin!

"The Fool"  
 A large portion of my educational studies has centered around the work of Joseph Campbell --the Hero's Journey, and the work of Dr. Carl Jung.

I had a brilliant professor, Penelope Lynn Owen, who headed the Theater department at LCC, creating an intense theater program using the Hero's Journey model as a guide to assist her students in overcoming creative "actor's" blocks. The work I did in her studios has transformed my life and opened me to ideas and healing I would have otherwise never encountered. Much of the healing and facilitation work I do has been drawn from the teachings, techniques, and training I received in her program and from the years I spent as her student. This blog is a continuation of the hero's journey and life healing work I began under her guidance those many years ago. The debt of gratitude I owe her is without measure. It is to her and to the many angels, winged and otherwise, met along this path that I dedicate these pages.

The Path of the Hero. . . 

We meet the hero in mythology, in books, in movies, and in the mirror - although many of us never recognize in our own reflection that golden visage. We only see ourselves through the story of how we became the person we believe ourselves to be.
The journey of the hero is one of awakening consciousness -becoming, separation, and return. It is a journey without end, each chapter spiraling into the next, with the hero's experience enriching and expanding endlessly. Each cycle takes on its own quality or purpose. These cycles are happening now within the single lifespan of the larger Life Journey.  And when this story completes, the end of a life becomes the opening of another soul doorway into the next big adventure.

The Journey is Rife with Peril. . .

For me the hero's journey work I did in theater school was about healing early life trauma. In fact much of my artistic expression has been about and for personal healing. No two people experience the same event in the same way and so it follows that no two lives are the same. As part of these Hero's Journey teachings All Paths Are Equal. Short is not a measure of superiority, any more than  a long path might be. Each path is individual and precisely what is needed for the Hero to attain their desired experience. Some paths, however, are less arduous than others; each Hero's Journey being self determining.

Many Pieces of Wisdom will be Found Along the Way. . .

The "Shadow" Demon 
You can't heal if you are afraid to face your shadow self. Expect to be challenged by life and by others. The outer world is a mirror, a manifestation of our thoughts and vibrational offering. If we run from the visions presented, or cringe away from the questions the world has raised, either through avoidance or by restricting ourselves with judgement and condemnation --never experiencing our inner truths, we will be blessed to repeat those challenges and circumstances time and again, lifetime after lifetime.
"Magical Flight"
If you read hate in the eyes of another, know that inside of you resides the same, self-loathing. Examine and heal your own thoughts and you will heal your relationship with the world around you.

The Hero Cycle. . . 

Joseph Campbell wrote extensively about his research and studies of the world cultural myths. His work is argue-ably some of the most influential on modern history, with far reaching impact on fields not limited to but including sociology, psychology, philosophy, spiritualism, cinema and the arts.  A good portion of this blog will be spent exploring Campbell's teachings and using the monomythic Hero's Journey as tools for creative expansion. [ In this blog I will often refer to the hero archetype and monomyth using capitalization, Hero or Hero's Journey. as a way of emphasizing the archetypal nature of the word usage.]  To learn more about Joseph Campbell and his work watch the documentary Joseph Campbell - The Hero's Journey Movie free on Vimeo.

The Hero's Journey 

As you will discover either through watching the documentary or from the posts of this blog, the Hero Cycle isn't complete until the hero returns to society bearing treasure he has won on his journey. This blog is an expression of the treasure I have found through my own journey, my gift to society. . .

The best way I know to heal the self is through creative self exploration and expression. That is what I am about and that is what this blog is for. I hope that some aspect of my personal exploration and experiences will serve as inspiration for your own journey.

Love and Light

Artwork on this page was created by 
Yvonne Faroqui, medium: oil pastels on paper.