Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Turning Point?

Yes, Trump won. As terrible as it may seem, (and no, I did not vote for him) does this victory foreshadow the death of the nation, or will it trigger events and changes that many have called for?

Awakening Consciousness and Unification 

President Trump
This presidential election has broken open what had become an entrenched and corrupt political system. The dangers, that once seemed only to affect various minorities, have now become so dire that they threaten us all.  Issues previously shunted to the background of political and personal priorities lists --such as climate change, the dangers of global dependence on fossil fuels, human/indigenous rights violations, racism, sexism, gender/sex discrimination -are going to become even more evident to mass consciousness.

Gone are the days when we could look at social injustices done to others and be silent. This new leader, this new political climate, will push citizens and interest groups to unite their voices, money and power, to find tribal connections in shared beliefs and values. The time of separatist thinking is past. Us versus them didn't work and frankly never supported life. Life loves variety and there are many ways to behave differently, while still sharing a planet, nation, and community. We can remain individuals without being enemies. If there is one thing we can unite behind it is our desire for freedom- to BE. Unification around what we have in common instead of separation over what holds us apart, the things we disagree upon, may be the only saving option we have that will preserve our freedoms. 

We, the people, can rebuilt our government from a local level upward, through community activism. We have no other choice if we are to live free. We will be forced to unite, to build community, connections, to make allies, in order to preserve what is of value, in order to survive. We will only find safety in numbers and through collective actions.  This change of presidency may not be the disaster that we fear.  It may be the beginning of a cure.
Occupy Democracy

Resistance is Futile. Become the Change. Make Allies not Enemies. 

Each of these statements hold truth we can benefit from. 

In this attraction based universe the law of attraction makes resistance of the unwanted futile. What we resist only increases because we give power to it through our attention. It is only through turning toward the wanted and pursuing the desired that we create changes which eliminate the unwanted. Yes we need to be aware of what is happening around us, but once we have become aware and through our awareness discovered our preferences, the only productive option for life is to turn our attention and activity toward creating the preferred reality. "All things are connected" is more than just a unity consciousness slogan. In this ever changing multi-verse, we are continually linked through causal effect. Collectively, we have been asking for change. The results of this election are certainly going to break the old power structure and holds, which have kept our nation from making the changes we have all been calling for.

If you would prefer different leadership . . .

Stop supporting the systems and media which give power and attention to the people who abuse it. Turn off the TV, or change the channel, use alternate NEWS sources. Change what you buy and how you spend your money.  Use your power as a consumer to support companies and banks that share your values. Give your time money and support to organizations,  parties, and leadership that share your values. 

Spend time in getting to know your neighbors. Become the neighbor you wish you had in your community. Join social groups, make friends, spread your values through loving others, entering their consciousness through the heart --which recognizes truth faster than the mind, which is conditioned to believe. There is no better way to connect with another individual and to gain their trust, respect, or cooperation than through heart based/felt experiences and connections. 

Become politically active on a community level to shape the infrastructure of our society in a way that supports the citizen and the rights of the citizen over special interests and corporate entities. Giving focused attention to strengthening our country on the local and state level might take away from the power, therefore abuses, of higher offices to control and dictate policy. A weaker federal government may then be inspired into forming better world relations. 

Changes born on a ground level will either strengthen or weaken policies made at higher levels. SO, take part in making the changes you want to see on a community level. If you want safer streets and better relationships with police, find ways to bring the local people together and to engage with the local authorities that will create the relationships you desire. Scoffing and holding onto a belief that "it won't work," only prevents us from taking advantage of opportunities. We can not know what is in the heart of another person based on their skin color, sex. religion, economic status, or the job they hold. We can not know what kind word or honest act of compassion might influence another person away from fear or hate. The person you smile at today might face a situation tomorrow where they have to choose between prejudice/separation and inclusion/alignment. Every act of kindness and compassion you offer is a step in winning an ally. 

By forcing us to set aside our differences and unite under common values, this election could prove to be the turning point humanity needs in order to balance and heal. What happens in this country impacts the world. What we do now, how we come together in the face of what seems like a terrifying future, could just as easily heal the planet as destroy it.

Is Trump going to lead our nation to greatness? Not likely, but you could.

Be the Change You Seek.