Thursday, March 31, 2016

Causing Pain for Others Would Attract Pain to Me . . .

The inspiration for this morning comes from the Esther and Jerry Hicks Teachings of Abraham deck, Getting Into The Vortex.

The card that I drew today is a good reminder for me that. . . 

"Causing Pain for Others Would Attract Pain to Me".

Most of us don't consciously intend, as we go about our days, to cause pain for other people. We don't intend to be resistant, to insult or reject them, their ideas, their designs and plans. We just choose to give our own interests more focus and support. Sometimes, in focusing on our own desires, wants, and wishes, we offer resistance to others. We make judgments. Those judgments might be matters of simple discernment, the formation of preferences --choosing our own needs, what benefits our own desires. We simply choose not to be consenting components in the support and gratification of their desires or chosen life experience.  
Other judgments may carry thoughts of superiority and even condemnation. These judgments come from a place of reactivity, a place of unconsciousness, usually negative core beliefs we haven't examined or outgrown concerning ego-identity or what is permissible behavior for us. We don't always immediately realize that we are passing judgments or that our actions are causing pain.  After all, we aren't perfect, any of us.  We are all at varying degrees of consciousness, and those levels may change on any given day. Comparisons create egoic and unconscious behavior/thought loops.  It is more important that we self examine, once our awareness is awakened, looking for the flawed premise that is influencing our behavior and beliefs.

The flawed premise "My group's (our) way of life is the only correct way, therefore all other ways must be stopped" is the basis of the majority of unhappiness on your planet.  Not only do those being pushed against feel the pain but those doing the pushing feel it as well. In fact the unhappiest, least fulfilled among you are those who are pushing against others, because in doing so, you are disallowing the most important relationship of all: the relationship between you and You.

Surrender and Forgiveness . . .

I recently had the experience of hurting a person I care deeply about. I didn't set out to hurt them. At first my actions where unconscious, reactive, bringing pain to myself and the other. It was feeling pain which forced me to realize, I was behaving in a way that was hurtful. I didn't like who I had become
I tried to make amends, to apologize, but for whatever reason that apology wasn't understood or fully accepted and by mutual agreement a friendship was ended.

It's in moments like these when I'm reminded to surrender to the moment and accept the ebb and flow of circumstance. I am not in control of another person's choices, their point of attraction, or of the energy they are bringing into the relationship. Their choices are private and I have no measure with which to judge them. If I were in their exact place, having their same life experiences, I would likely make the exact same choices. 

It Is Important to Remember That All Relationships, All Moments Involving Another, Are Co-Creative

Each person within a relationship comes pre-programmed with their own set of negative core beliefs, moral code, value system, thoughts, habits, and attitudes, all of which impact and shape the energy of the shared moment. We only have control over our own frequency offering. Perhaps, this moment was agreed upon, unconsciously or consciously, to offer both parties an opportunity to self examine and heal those negative core beliefs and or patterns. . . Perhaps, I like to think it is so, these are the moments we actually come together in relationships to create, for the very purpose of growth and expansion. In this way relationships serve the evolution of human consciousness and Life.

If another person chooses pain over forgiveness. . . negative core beliefs over healing, that's a choice they are making. It is more important that we support their personal empowerment/choices by releasing them, than that we be proved right. What others think about us is not our business. Instead. . . 

How Will We Move Forward?

Do we choose to forgive, freeing our energy from the moment? Or will we choose to personalize a negative response, allowing an activation of our own pain story and beliefs concerning acceptance, rejection, humiliation, and shame. . . ? 

We are not responsible for the choices others make and can only do our best to make right whatever actions we have personally taken. We have no power to correct or to change the direction their thoughts take or the way they choose to direct their energies. Forgiving others and forgiving ourselves is key to redirecting energy and changing our point of attraction/frequency. It is through Surrender and Forgiveness that we disentangle our energies from these negative patterns of interaction.  

Surrender to the Moment.
Forgive the Moment.
Release the Moment.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Something is Wrong in My World . . .

The Journey begins with a feeling of unease, the sense that there is something out of alignment or wrong in one's world.
At the root of unease is the dawning recognition that something --in our world view, our society, and/or the circumstances reflective of our beliefs, has become out of sync with our expanding experience. It may be that our inner and outer experiences are in conflict. We might have noticed that the material circumstances around us are in opposition to our inner desires or aspirations.

Each of us has our own set of experiences, our own defining belief patterns, all tools with which to build our reality, to create using. And so, there are many things that could be triggering a feeling of discontent with the status quo. The Hero's Journey always starts from that realization point. "Something is wrong in my world. . ." It is from this seed that the path of discovery unfolds.
If you are ill-at-ease in your life, it pays to take time out from doing, for reflection and self examination.

Questioning one's beliefs and expectations is a sign of growing awareness. 

Left unexamined feelings of unease multiply, allowing confusion and discontent to grow. Soon those feelings will color and influence the totality of our experience, until we are forced to take action and make different choices. Our feelings, acting as a compass, show us how far in or out of alignment our choices and actions may be taking us from our higher purpose and joy. The worse we are feeling, the further we are from receiving our true desires, and from alignment with Source.

Through self examination awareness is discovered, and the Call of Life is heard.

Listen for that call. It will lead you toward action and down the path to enlightenment. Avoiding the call life gives is as productive as holding our breath. We simply die.  It is honoring that call which leads us forward into a life more fully and freely lived.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Banned! What THEY don't want you thinking about. . . The Science Delusion

Although this blog's themes may seem unconnected to the scientific research in which Rupert Sheldrake Ph. D. is engaged, his theories on Morphic Resonance do serve to provide a scientific foundation for understanding how the theories and research of others, namely psychologist Carl Jung and anthropologist Joseph Campbell, can be believed and applied as truth.

Scientific theories and research can now provide measurable proof-- for skeptics of the mystical, which can explain how knowledge of sacred symbols and archetypes may be passed along on a collective level with other evolutionary knowledge hardwired into our DNA. With scientific theories such as Morphic Resonance entering global consciousness, intuitive leaps made by free and creative thinkers in the past suddenly become more digestible and less likely to be relegated as dubious pseudo science.

There was a time when humanity collectively viewed the world as flat. This idea was held in place by the governing branches of the establishment, and even enforced by the ruling order of the Christian church through religious dogma. Today, Science has become a form of religion, and scientific dogma threatens to limit the expanding edge of evolution.

The following is the banned TEDx Talk,  entitled The Science Delusion at TEDxWhitechapel. given by Rupert Sheldrake Ph. D. on January 12th, 2013. The theme for the night was Visions for Transition: Challenging existing paradigms and redefining values (for a more beautiful world). In response to protests from two militant materialist bloggers in the US, the talk Rupert gave was later taken down by TED and placed in a special corner of their website. Before it was removed from their main website it had had about 35,000 views. Since it was "banned" it has been seen by at least half a million people.

I am sharing this talk with you because it raises some valid questions about how our society has erred in failing to apply scientific principles to our beliefs about Science itself. If we are going to value Science and scientific evidence as the measure of truth, ought we not be able to apply those same tools of measurement and achieve demonstrable proof that they hold up under their own weight? What delusions are in operation that could limit humanity's leap forward in evolution? Would correcting our understanding assist us in affecting changes and creating a better society, one more in harmony with the natural world?

As part of my personal development and Hero's Journey, I have come to recognize that all is not right in my society. Rupert is one of the teachers and guides I have discovered on my quest for knowledge, clarity, and purpose.

Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and author, is best known for his hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory. He worked in developmental biology at Cambridge University, where he was a Fellow of Clare College. He was then Principal Plant Physiologist at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), in Hyderabad, India. From 2005 to 2010 he was Director of the Perrott-Warrick project, funded from Trinity College, Cambridge. [View Biography]

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Aligning with Abundance

I Can Praise Abundance Wherever I See It. . .

"If you seek financial well-being for yourself-- you must praise it wherever you see it.
If you would like more abundance for yourself, personally, or for others you care about-- you must not criticize those who are experiencing abundance.  When you criticize or condemn or push against anything, you activate an opposing Vibration to what you seek. Every time. No exceptions."
~ Getting into the Vortex Cards, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham

It is easy for me to recognize that my criticism and condemnation of others who are experiencing the abundance I desire reflects attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts of lack I must hold. Attitudes and thoughts which limit my ability to see opportunities for financial growth and abundance; thereby effectively blocking prosperity in my experience.

If I hold negative core beliefs about money and those who have it, those negative beliefs need to be released in order for money to flow into my world. As long as I have unresolved negative beliefs about money-- and am projecting those beliefs outwardly toward those experiencing abundance-- I will be activating a vibration of lack and attracting from a place of lack.

Simply by turning my attention and gratitude toward the abundance that already exists in my life, I am closer to receiving the increased wealth and prosperity I seek. If I choose thoughts of joy and appreciation for the success and affluence of others, I will be less likely to block or judge the wealth and abundance which flows in my direction. By choosing thoughts that embrace money rather than thoughts that reject it, I am leaving room for wealth growing opportunities and will start attracting from a vibration that supports rather than rejects prosperity.

* * *

When I read this card, I was most affected by the statement "When you criticize or condemn or push against anything, you activate an opposing Vibration to what you seek. Every time. No exceptions." This last bit carries weight far beyond my desire to have abundance or more money in my life.

Something worth thinking further on. . .

This is important because our point of attraction is the frequency we visit most often. If I am giving all my focus to what I find undesirable that is where my attention and attraction point is dominant. I am just going to get more of that, the unwanted!

SO, how do we get around the things in life that we oppose without activating a vibration of opposition; pollution, sexism, racism, and over vaccination as a few examples?

By focusing on the desired instead of the undesired? By taking action and choosing thoughts that focus in the direction we prefer? Instead of spending energy on thoughts and actions which proclaim what we do not prefer, we give our attention to supporting the existence and perpetuation of the preferred.

For example, instead of complaining about and pointing fingers at plastic pollution . . .  I start carrying reusable cloth bags to the grocery store, and make purchases from companies that use packaging in harmony with my desire to reduce the use of plastic? Glass bottling. . . . shopping for and sharing info about reusable products instead of fretting about one-use plastics. . . .

What about educating ourselves and others? How does that fit in? Can we talk or inform about the non-preferred without activating a vibration of negative attraction? I guess that would mean changing tactic, moving the focus of our attention as quickly as possible, from problem focus to solution focus. Would presenting a preferred alternative also serve to inform?

If my disapproval is an attraction point,  I choose to find ways of letting go of judgment and condemnation in favor of discernment and opening myself to new ways of growing what I prefer.

It seems to me, the quicker we can turn our attention to the preferred and away from the non-preferred the better off we are.

What are your thoughts on this Thursday's card?