Special Engagements


Book Zari for Your Party Entertainment! (click)

Party hosts are responsible for collecting fees from their guests and managing arrangements.
  • A travel fee of $30, for greater Nashville area, is charged to the host. 
  • A $15 fee per reading for party guests, with a 3 reading event minimum 
  • Booking minimum of $75, to be guaranteed by the host. 

Zari is available for scheduling as a Workshop Facilitator and/or Spirit Medium at your festival or event.


  • An Introduction to The Hero's Journey: Awakening the Hero Within 
  • Ritual Creation 
  • Spirit Masks; Mask Making 
  • Dancing the Breath: Shamanic Breathing
  • The 3 Keys to Authentic Experience
  • Circle Round: Chanting 

Group Facilitation

  • "Goddess" Ritual Facilitation 
  • Dancing the Breath: Shamanic Breathing
  • Guided Meditation: Finding your Spirit Totems or Spirit Guides

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